StoneTec Inc.
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​Specialists in Concrete & Natural Stone Polishing
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StoneTec Inc. is based out of Denver, Colorado and proud to serve the concrete and natural stone industries since 1996. StoneTec Inc. specializes in concrete and stone polishing/restoration. StoneTec Inc. service both the commercial and residential markets in the concrete, stone and masonry industries throughout the state of Colorado and surrounding areas.  

​StoneTec Inc. is highly recognized by many stone suppliers, contractors, and fabricators in the Colorado marketplace. StoneTec Inc. is a leader in providing difficult job solutions, excellent workmanship and innovated service. StoneTec pursues new construction and remodel work in big box stores, office buildings, manufacturing, schools, universities, restaurants, transportation and warehouse markets.StoneTec also pursues work in specialized maintenance markets for both concrete and natural stone floors. Our standard for workmanship is excellence and customer satisfaction. We deliver the best possible results in every project that we undertake using innovating concrete and stone solutions. To insure excellence in quality and service, we have thoroughly trained all our staff with up to date instructions and knowledge.

StoneTec Inc. has completed many different prestigious projects, including DIA, NIST, Air Force Academy and Exempla Hospital. For a more extensive list of our references refer to OUR CLIENTS page and you will find many more satisfied customers. 

StoneTec Inc. are specialists in concrete and natural stone polishining, staining, grinding, honing, polishing and densifying. We have the capabilities of serving all your concrete solution needs and will produce excellent results

With StoneTec Inc. you will also find solutions and services for your natural stone, masonry, concrete restoration and polishing of any natural or concrete surface. From small projects like restoring stone furniture to large commercial projects, historic stone restoration, and specialized service maintenance programs, we are equipped and ready to service any needs that you are seeking.  

Reasons you should go with StoneTec Inc.:

1) We have a proven track record.
2) We have excellent project and trade references.
3) We have excellent credit with our suppliers and banks.
4) We have an experienced workforce.
5) Our equipment is "state of the art" and recently maintained. 
6) We guarantee satisfactory results.
7) Ability to keep on schedule, even in a non-constant work environment(we can adapt)
8) Ability to confirm to OSHA and other regulatory standards.
9) We are locally owned and managed and will personally supervise and work closely with your project manager and our work force. 
10) We practice fair business and try to always maintain positive attitudes while completing our work.